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MBS Highway Features

Market Quotes

MBS Highway provides live Mortgage Backed Security and Treasury pricing, as well as S&P500 quotes. The quotes are readily available to be viewed on our interactive charts. Check out a sample of our Bond Card below

Daily Video and Transcript

Take a few minutes each morning to let Barry show you how to interpret the current market and put his insight to your best use. The Daily Market Guide draws on Barry’s exceptional skills in making complex market situations easy to understand.

Barry’s daily video and written update will convey the knowledge you need to provide your customers with astute views on day-to-day market shifts and events.
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Interactive Charts

With MBS Highway’s interactive charts you can draw trend lines, view moving averages, support and resistance, as well as navigate to different time frames with a mouse click. You will be able to get charts for MBS, Treasuries, and the S&P. The charts can be shared easily by clicking our “export chart” button.
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Lock/Float Advice

Get advice on locking or floating your loans ahead of the competition from 30-year veteran Barry Habib.

SMS Updates

Always stay connected by receiving timely SMS text alerts throughout the day. You can know what the market is doing while you are out getting additional business.

Loan Advisor

MBS Highway's new powerful add-on feature! The first to combine your local market data with an easy to use platform that will compare and analyze several different loan scenarios and show your client which option is best for them for their desired time period.

Real Time Market News

We are pleased to offer our members Real Time Market News. These headlines are updated throughout the day and are automatically pushed out to the website – no need to refresh. We will keep you updated on breaking news, Alerts to Lock or Float, and we will let you know whenever new content is posted.

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Cashin's Corner

We are pleased to offer to our members Cashin’s Corner, an exclusive daily newsletter written by Mr. Arthur Cashin Jr., a regular guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box. As the “Mayor” of the Stock Exchange, Cashin recaps major market news. His reports include, alongside a daily trivia question and historical references, an analysis of upcoming economic news and events, as well as his interpretation of the previous day’s market closing.

Kiplinger Letters

With the weekly Kiplinger Letter, our members can get trusted advice on retirement, taxes, investing, saving, real estate, cars, college, and insurance from the leader in personal finance and business forecasting.

Real Estate Market Data

Our new Real Estate Report Card includes even more accurate forecasts and data for over 300 markets. Included is the Affordability Index, Median Home Price, Historical Appreciation, Forecasted Appreciation, and more. These metrics will allow you to demonstrate and quantify the opportunity in home ownership.

By the Number$

“By the Numbers” (BTN) is a weekly email article for investment sales people who are constantly looking for new, pertinent, and timely facts to communicate. Each of these 15-17 bullet points, written each week, provide quick facts and numerical data from the investment world and can be great talking points for phone conversations, client presentations, and seminars.


We are pleased to offer Greg Weldon’s innovative MBS TrendTRACKR to our subscribers. This important tool will help you gauge where Interest Rates might be headed 30, 60 or even 90-days into the future. TrendTRAKR analyzes the latest trends in the marketplace to help you predict the strength and longevity of specific trends in Mortgage Backed Securities, Treasuries, and Stocks. Check out the tutorial video to learn more today.

Social Share

The Social Sharing portion of the website is where you can find a host of different charts that are selected for you to share with your referral partners and clients. Many of these charts are discussed in our Daily Updates and feature relevant information pertaining to the Housing/Mortgage Markets . Each chart can be easily shared through Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To get started, simply click to share!

Barry's Insights

Here you will find exclusive articles and insights written by Barry Habib.

Exclusive Member Benefits

MBS Highway members receive exclusive offers from the following companies to help expand your business and network!

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