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With MBS Highway’s interactive charts you can draw Trend lines, view moving averages, support and resistance as well as navigate to different time frames with a mouse click. You will be able to get charts for MBS, Treasuries and the S&P. The charts can be easily shared by clicking the export button feature.

Sample data

Japanese Candlestick Charts

Looking at the chart - Each day is represented by a candle, which can be green or red. A candle is made up of two parts, the body (thick part) and the wick (thin line). The body of the candle shows the open and closing price of the security. If the security closed higher than where it opened, the candle is green. In this case the security opened at the bottom of the body, and closed at the top of the body. On the other hand, if the security closed lower than it opened, the candle is denoted red. In this instance, the security opened at the top of the body and closed at the bottom. The small wick that you may see coming out of the top or the bottom of the body of the candle shows the intra-day highs and lows. If there is no wick coming out of the top or bottom of the candle, the security either opened or closed at its high or low for the day. We use candlestick charts because unlike other charting methods, candlesticks show momentum and the emotion behind the market. Every day we do a technical analysis of the market using these charts. By identifying certain charting patterns, trends, and using support/resistance levels, we can get a lot of insight as to the direction of the market and when we may see a reversal.

Introducing our Full Featured Bond Card

The bond card is designed to give you a detailed look into current MBS activity. We give you market data from the time you need it most: when you get your rate sheet. This allows you to see in real-time when your lenders may be put into a position to re-price.

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