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We want to offer our customers several ways to connect with their clients across multiple platforms. With our easy to share content, you can inform clients of what's happening in the market within seconds through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. Below, we have a guide to the content that you can share.

Market News

The Market News section of our website is updated throughout the day with crucial Housing and Economic reports as well as movement in the markets.

Location: Top of page on Dashboard, Markets Overview, and Intraday

Insider Content

Real Estate Market Data

Here you will find data from over 100 metro areas that will illustrate affordability in that specific region as well as Job Growth, resale volume and more. You can save each chart individually or save the entire area sheet as seen below.

House Price Index Map

The House Price Index Map will show the change in home appreciation in all 50 states. Select Quarterly, Yearly, or 5 Years span to view the map. You can save the map to show if your state is above the national average or click any state to share a line chart of historical data.

Location: Mouse over the Insiders icon in the top navigation bar to find these features and more


Our powerful markets pages let you view everything from the Bond Market, Stock Market, Intraday Trading and more. You can select various time frames to customize the chart you want to share. Each of the following allows you to export the charts as a PDF or as an image.
Location: Mouse over the Markets icon to access the markets pages


Our newsletter is released weekly and is customizable from top to bottom. You can add your personal image and personal information to brand it to your liking. You can add or delete content from the newsletter as well.

Download every Monday and send to your clients via email, attachment, etc. to help them get started on the week ahead.
Location: Click on the Newsletter icon to start sharing

Social Share

This is where you find all the charts featured on MBS Highway. We report on all crucial data that will move the markets and provide a chart to share. Click the image to enlarge or mouse over for share options. It's as easy as a couple of clicks to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and more. Try with our sample Existing Home Sales chart to the right.
Location: Click on the Socal Share Icon to start sharing

Financial Calculators

Our financial calculators allow you to download the results. Save in PDF format to share. A sample export of our Appreciation Calculator is displayed to the left.
Location: Mouse over the Calculator Icon
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