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Daily Updates with Barry Habib
The BEST advice in the industry, from market expert BARRY HABIB, the ORIGINATOR of the market advisory service.

The brainchild of renowned mortgage industry executive Barry Habib, MBS Highway offers exclusive information that mortgage professionals can rely on for ultimate relevance, speed and precision.

MBS Highway is a cutting-edge digital platform that helps industry professionals to interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets.
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Charts and Data 
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Be an Expert with MBS Highway

Powerful, feature-filled charts

Stay on top of the market with our powerful, flexible charts.
  • Real-time MBS pricing and daily trade levels
  • Moving average; upper and lower limits; support and resistance levels
  • Adjustable zoom and timeframes
  • Click-and-drag trend lines
Video updates with Barry Habib

Get the latest news, analysis and intel with video updates from Barry Habib.
  • Hear Barry’s predictions on market direction
  • Gain valuable perspective on when to lock or float
  • Get key insights that you can pass on to prospects, customers and business partners
  • It's almost like having Barry as your personal consultant!
SMS Market Pricing and Alerts

Know when to lock. Know when to float.
  • Our re-pricing alerts are sent to you four times a day so you can make smart, fast decisions.
  • You can rely on MBS Highway instant alerts. Just pay attention and react with nimble authority, and soon you’ll be closing more loans and growing greater profits.

What customers say about MBS Highway

Hey Barry! I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. Your alert to lock yesterday allowed me to lock my entire pipeline saving my clients thousands of dollars. Your alert came over an hour earlier than your competition. That hour was the difference in me locking all my loans vs getting locked out while lenders repriced for the worse. You have a customer for life! "

Mike C.

I am new to the industry and have had no guidance until recently. Franklin American has taken an interest in my growth - they recommended your site. Since then, I have locked 4 loans "just in time" and am well on my way to my goal of closing $1 Million a month - thank you for what you are doing."

Kate D.

I would like to take a brief moment to share with Barry how grateful I am for his insightful webcasts each morning! I love them!  It makes all the difference in the world when you understand what is going on!  Barry shares several layers of information about the market which is again wonderful.  Having the webcast each morning has made a big difference how I interact with my customers and it also helps me when discussing the market to have taken the time to know what is going on in the market with new customers.
Thank you for doing an amazing job each morning, giving more than just the market run down and always being upbeat!  You make a difference!

Karen M.

Barry’s commentary/video this am, however, was quite refreshing…he expressed the frustration all of us working on Main St. have felt for quite some time. The media seems clueless. And that cluelessness has frequently made our jobs/careers all that much harder, unnecessarily. Whether the media in fact is clueless, vs being adamant about spewing mantra on behalf of Washington and/or Wall St, is a story for another day, however.

So give Barry a thanks from all of us grinding through on Main St. despite the unrelenting media blame for the financial crisis and the resulting overzealous regulations…all in the name of making an honest living and helping the folks better their financial/mortgage situation. "

Dusty B.

Hi Barry & all of you at MBS Highway, Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your updates every day, but especially with the current market volatility. Anybody not tuning in is missing the boat"

Rick R.

I have been meaning to email you for a while to touch base on the MBS Highway Service. You may recall that I was hesitant to subscribe due to the cost vs. perceived value. I thought I would send you a note to let you know how ignorant that was and how much I have come to appreciate the insight and updates."

Robert C.